An inspection and certification body for quality management products and systems for agriculture and agribusiness.


Promag is an inspection and certification body ready to serve you.

Novalis Science Park
Rue de la Science, 8
Tél. : +32 (0)84 84 03 20
Fax. : +32 (0)84 84 03 24
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The Walloon Export Agency
Promag, a business on a human scale, active, quick to respond and effective, guarantees quality and community-based services.

Our guarantee : 40 years of experience !

Producers, we can provide you with a promotional tool that lends prestige to your know-how in the areas of quality and organisation.

Consumers, we guarantee healthy and superior quality food products with known origin.

Promag is available to :

●  Certify your products and production systems
●  Draw up your specifications
●  Provide group training
●  Organise information meetings

Le saucisson d'Ardenne est reconnu comme IGP


Farmers, agriculture and agribusiness, the self-employed, SMEs or multinationals, carriers, producers, storage businesses and processors.


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